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  • Improve Efficiency and Profitability
  • Insure Consistency of Messaging
  • Improve Risk Management
  • Increase Patient Throughput
  • Improve Patient Education and Patient Outcomes
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction

Why Bespoke Health Media?

From specialty practices to healthcare corporations, of all sizes and regions, Bespoke Health Media has the experience and the resources to help you develop a communication strategy that will contribute to regulatory compliance, a more informed patient and increased revenue for your practice.

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Why patient centered communication?

The healthcare landscape has been altered dramatically in recent years by changes in the law and changes in the way people communicate. Patient-centered communication has become a critical part of a physician’s practice and a critical part of the reimbursement process. By utilizing video to inform your patients about pre and post-op procedures, doctor introductions, medicine management and common symptoms, it allows you to see more patients and more importantly, your patients will have a more thorough understanding of the procedures and instructions that they need to understand.

Why Use Video?

A patient-centered video strategy can increase your throughput revenue and operational efficiency. One healthcare customer of Bespoke Health Media increased the number of patients they could see by 50% with the use of just two procedural videos.

Another vital aspect of video communication that is critical to your practice, in the case of litigation, is the documentation it provides confirming that you have informed your patient of all of the critical information that they need for procedures, for possible complications and medicine management.

Staff education & HIPAA compliance.

Video is a cost effective and time efficient tool for educating your staff on the constantly changing regulations and procedures dictated by the healthcare environment. These constant changes in healthcare regulations and reimbursement procedures result in the need for continuing staff education and the documentation of the training you have provided to your staff. Video is the perfect educational tool. It provides 16 times greater retention rates and it can be made available 24 hours day, seven days a week via online access which means your staff can access the materials at a time that is convenient for them and your practice.

Improving patient outcomes and practice productivity.

Healthcare professionals are looking for better ways and new opportunities to improve efficiency, communicate with and educate patients, and ensure compliance. Healthcare consumers are seeking information on video, personalized to their needs and delivered when, where and how they want it. Enter Bespoke Health Media – from promo video, to first-visit and pre-procedure video, post-op instruction, patient education, doctor introduction, HIPAA training and everything in between, we are a navigational beacon for healthcare professionals in the midst of a sea change.

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Our Services

  • Patient Centered Healthcare Communication
  • Content Distribution and Medical Compliance
  • Digital Informed Consent Integration and Retention
  • Pre-procedure Communication
  • Post-procedure Communication and Education
  • Medicine Management Communication
  • 3D Animation and Graphics
  • Diagnosis Education
  • Health Management and Prevention Information
  • Practice and Insurance Navigation
  • Discharge Education
  • Staff Training
  • Healthcare Industry Marketing  and Branding Video
  • Medical Device Explainer Video
  • Physician Bio Video
  • New Patient and Patient Acquisition Video

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